Responsive Brands

Do you know your brand can react in a desired and positive way?

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A website is a tool

Is your website is optimized?

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Montreal Photo Services

Professional photography

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Email Marketing Campaigns

Sent by Designium

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Sent by Designium

A social engagement App

For the development of a philanthropic culture in our society.

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Design styles, art, music and data.

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Educational ressources

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Solving design challenges for a better showcase of your company, service, product or personal brand.

We are a montreal based communication agency founded in 2005 by Fernando Garcia. Our commitment is to bring new ideas and solutions for your business but we also offer personal workflow optimization for individuals and professionals.

Responsive Brands

We design brands that succeed in adapting to your customers needs.

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Web Design

We create systems that provide solutions for business and provide content publishing strategies.

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Email management and distribution.

We can help you to keep a professional looking communication with your clients and coworkers or send customized newsletters for your family 

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Professional Photography

Weddings, corporate events, family portraits and product photography for catalogs. We provide a personalized service with a complete digital post-production.

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